Gelmatic 4D Assist

Gelmatic in conjunction with Dairyglen has developed this service to allow us to access your machine quickly and easily form a remote location.

The strategic goal is to be able to monitor and control the machine and reduce maintenance costs when compared to conventional management.

We provide this service free of installation charge with the purchase of new machine models 152 and upwards. You receive 2 years free licence.

  • Low costs

  • Pro-active maintenance 
    (technical data, operating data, output data)

  • Remote assistance

  • Help in using the machine

  • Quick assistance times

  • Short ‘down time’

  • Quick deliveries on spare parts

  • Alarm Notice


What do we need from you?

In order to activate the free 4D interact program we need you to provide us with the following:

  • Internet connection

  • A static public IP address

  • CAT 5 internet cable from the router to the machine 

  • (your IT provider can help you with this)

If you cannot provide us with this, we can provide a modem and a sim card for an additional cost, our service team can advise you of the cost at the time.

This 4D option is also available for “Incodis” machines at a yearly cost.

If you would like some more information on the above or to see if your machine is suitable for connection and 4D costs please contact our service team or sales representative on 1890 2000 52 or (01) 286 5000