Gel Matic are one of the leading manufacturers of ice-cream machines globally and have established a reputation for delivering innovative and high quality ice cream machines. You can take a trip to our functioning showroom to see them in action or get in contact with our office or reps to find out more.


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Gel Matic with Dairyglen

As the leading distributors of ice-cream machines and technologies throughout the country our partnership with Gel Matic is central to our vision of providing the most efficient and innovative technologies to our customers. Gel Matic have established themselves as the market leaders in specialised ice-cream and milkshake machines over more than 40 years in the industry.

Our Products

We offer a huge range of products across the B, M, H and SC series all of which serve varying purposes, according to the size and needs of your business and customer base. We have installed and serviced Gel Matic machines in hundreds of sites across Ireland and have decades of experience in their use.

B Series

M Series

H Series

SC Series


Using a variety of gravity and gear pump systems the Gel Matic machines guarantee great flow and consistent temperatures across all capacities. Their cutting edge In.Co.Di.S. system (Interactive Control & Diagnosis System) technology also allow for remote diagnosis so that problems can be recognised and analysed from our offices if needs be. These systems also allow for greater monitoring of output and usage so that sales and margins can be effectively tracked and observed allowing for greater control and transparency of your ice-cream production.