Gel Matic SC Series

Smaller and easy to position in whatever space is available, Gel Matic’s SC Series is carefully designed to make it perfect for cafes, restaurants and other catering premises which use soft serve ice-cream as part of their serving menu.

Coming in a variety of classic 60s colours, the beautiful design of the machines means that they add a touch of class to any premises. Of course, being Gel Matic they are much more than just a pretty face and are built using only the finest components and specifically designed working mechanisms.

The SC-150 is an ideal piece of equipment for any business which wants to add ice-cream toppings to its desserts or coffees, or wants to serve ice-cream or sundaes themselves. With the expanding tastes and demand for new dining experiences in Ireland, the SC-150 can add an exciting extra dimension to your menu.

We have an extensive range available for viewing at our fully functional showroom and you can call 1890200052 or e-mail us at for more information. With more than 25 years of experience in providing the right soft serve ice-cream machines to the whole of Ireland we can give you great advice on finding the perfect machine for you.