Slush Puppie

Our commitment to providing the best array of iced options to our customers means offering access to the most popular and well-known brands in the business. As a proud distributor of Slush Puppie equipment, flavourings and accessories to the retail premises of Ireland for many years we are the people to ask for everything Slush Puppie related. Slush Puppie machine rental also available.

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Slush Puppies are long-established in the Irish market, notable for their brightly coloured, churning machines, mixing ice and flavouring into a quick and easy treat to cool down from the heat. They are beloved of retailers because of the small amount of shop space they take up, as well as the ease of use and low set-up and running costs entailed in providing them.

With such low inputs, Slush Puppies can be a great way for all kinds of Irish retailers to supplement their ice cream menu and provide extra choice for their customers. Dairyglen offers a variety of machines from Slush Puppie, as well as a huge choice of flavours including the classics like Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, and Cola. Of course we also provide all the properly branded cups, lids and spoon-straws.

Whatever you wish to know about Slush Puppie or our soft serve ice cream offerings you can call in to see our extensive range available for viewing at our fully functional showroom, call 1890 2000 52 or e-mail us at for more information.


Slush Puppie Machines Available