As a company which has been supplying soft serve ice cream and all its complementary products and equipment to Ireland for more than 25 years, we have huge knowledge about the trade and where it’s going.
We are growing rapidly in all areas of supply, from our mixes to our specialised Smooch ice cream stations, as clients recognise that this level of expertise and the service we provide can make a great difference to their sales and their margins.

Whether it is the high quality cones or excellent toppings We supply everyone from newsagents, larger shops and service stations to restaurants and hotels and have a keen eye for the individual needs of all the various kinds of food and convenience retailers in the country.Starting out from our soft serve ice cream and milkshake mixes, we have focused solely on improving ourselves and what we offer over the past few decades, and the fruits of that labour are clear to all of our clients. It’s experience, knowledge and innovation which money can’t buy and it’s what sets Dairyglen apart from anyone else in the industry.

We have an extensive and fully functional showroom and our support staff are always ready to help with whatever you need. So for any information on soft serve ice cream or anything associated with it can call 1890 2000 52 or e-mail us at

Customers in Ireland

Ice creams sold over 25 years!!


Dairyglen has been producing soft serve ice cream mixes for our clients across the country for more than 25 years. In that time, we’ve learned a few things about what Irish consumers are looking for. That’s why we only use 100% dairy in all of our ice cream products as we know it is that thick texture and creamy taste that the public demands.
In fact, we are the only ice cream supplier in Ireland which uses 100% real dairy for our soft serve ice cream! We believe that when a customer comes in to buy an ice cream it’s a luxury treat and the flavour and quality should reflect that, with extra toppings and sauces as an added treat.
The whole dairy mix of our soft serve ice cream also allows for better production capacity per litre, meaning that not only will your customers love your ice-cream, you’ll also have more of it to sell. The margins on our ice cream can be up to 80% and can make a huge difference to your business’ bottom-line.
For more information on our 100% real dairy soft serve ice cream mixes you can call 1890 2000 52 or e-mail us at for more information.


Our innovations in the world of milkshakes has completely changed the face of the product in Ireland. Once a rather rare sight around the country, linked to Americanised fast food, our milkshake mixes and flagship Smooch brand have made milkshakes a hugely popular item wherever they are introduced.
We provide 100% real dairy milkshake mixes as well as all the additional syrups and flavourings that make our milkshakes that extra bit special. We also supply all the disposables one might need for a bustling premises, like varying sized milkshake cups, lids and straws.
With our Smooch zone you can create fantastic milkshakes for your customers using their favourite chocolate bar, sweet or fruit puree. It adds a whole new level of excitement to the traditional soft serve ice cream or milkshake experience and greatly increases customer curiosity and impulse purchasing.
With more than 25 years in the business we are also always on hand to advise on equipment and skills for those looking to start moving into the milkshake market. To get more information on Dairyglen’s real dairy milkshake mix you can call 1890200052 or e-mail us at for more information.


Milkshake Machines Available

Elmeco B Large

Elmeco B Large


At Dairyglen we know that the “cone” has a central place in the Irish consumer’s mind when it comes to soft serve ice cream. It is part of the iconic image of the ’99 and summertime.
That’s why we make sure that we source and supply only the freshest and crispest cones to deliver to our clients. It’s the small things that can make the difference and over our many years supplying ice cream and its associated products around Ireland our customers recognise that we always go the extra mile to make their products special.
Our cones come in a wide variety of sizes and varieties, including standard carnival cones, double cones and waffle cones. As well as that we also supply waffle baskets, waffle cones, decorative wafers in all the shapes and flavours.
Whatever your needs are when it comes to cones and other extras to accompany your soft serve ice cream we can supply it. For more information, you can call 1890 2000 52 or e-mail us at for more information.


Toppings can make all the difference in the presentation of soft serve ice cream, they can switch a serving from ordinary to extraordinary with a few sprinkles. We know our market and Irish consumers and it can often be the small extras that make the big difference.
Dairyglen has been enhancing ice cream serving deliciousness for 25 years and, as well as developing our own wonderful topping sauces in a variety of flavours, we also supply everything you’d expect to a well-stocked premises. This includes ’99 flakes, sprinkles, chocolate buttons, hundreds and thousands, marshmallows and of course bubble gum for the classic Screwball. On top of that we can provide our customers with all the equipment and machinery to make an ice cream look amazing. This includes chocolate dip machines as well as blenders and shake machines for our hugely popular specialised Smooch zone.
We have an extensive range available of all types of toppings and special extras which can make a real difference to ice cream at your business. For more information, you can call 1890 2000 52 or e-mail us at for more information.


Dairyglen has a strong history of supplying all kinds of bakery and catering businesses with whipping cream, milk and butter. As more and more catering operations are looking to expand their menus and production possibilities we also advise on and install soft serve ice cream machines like the Gel Matic SC-150 which is specially designed for smaller usage premises.
Our products can enhance your selection of desserts and sweetened foods with great tasting, long-life items such as non-dairy creams. This topping, decoration or ingredient is freeze-able and easily mixable with milk, water or cream for outstanding and stable results for your sweet products. You will also be able to add to your ice-cream, milkshake, coffee and hot drinks menu.
We’re always free with friendly advice on how our products can be utilised, drawing on our many years of experience in the trade. To find out more about how we serve and deliver to bakery and catering businesses in Ireland you can call 1890 2000 52 or e-mail us at for more information.


As a trusted provider of soft serve ice cream to Ireland for more than 25 years, naturally we also provide all the necessary hygiene and serving equipment any retailer or caterer might require. This ranges from wipes, anti-bacterial soaps and sanitisers to display cones, cups, lids and a lot more.
However, the major accessories we have for your ice cream and milkshake serving comes in the form of our specialised Smooch zone.