Over 25 years Dairyglen have sold enough ice cream to make over 90 million cones.

More than a quarter of a century ago, Dairyglen was founded with a focus on delivering high quality soft serve ice-cream and cutting edge serving technology to the country… and the idea of a delightful dairy in the glen was born.

Dairyglen is an all-Irish, family owned and run business which has been providing excellent soft-serve ice-cream solutions to our customers for more than 25 years. We pride ourselves on supplying 100% Real Dairy soft serve ice-cream to the Irish market and that’s one of the reasons why we’re No. 1 in the country and continue to grow.



100,000 deliveries across Ireland over 25 years!

Made from 100% Real Dairy creamy goodness.


Gel Matic

Gel Matic are one of the leading manufacturers of ice-cream machines globally and have established a reputation for delivering innovative and high quality ice cream machines. You can take a trip to our functioning showroom to see them in action or get in contact with our office or reps to find out more.

As the leading distributors of ice-cream machines and technologies throughout the country our partnership with Gel Matic is central to our vision of providing the most efficient and innovative technologies to our customers. Gel Matic have established themselves as the market leaders in specialised ice-cream and milkshake machines over more than 40 years in the industry.



We have been supplying soft serve ice cream and all its complementary products and equipment to Ireland for more than 25 years


Slush Puppie

Slush Puppies are long-established in the Irish market, notable for their brightly coloured, churning machines, mixing ice and flavouring into a quick and easy treat to cool down from the heat. They are beloved of retailers because of the small amount of shop space they take up, as well as the ease of use and low set-up and running costs entailed in providing them.